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Welcome to Elderly Home Health Care

Assisted Living In Your Own Home

Elderly Home Health Care knows that most seniors choose to live at home. We provide the CARE that makes this desire possible. While assisting with activities of daily living, we provide care and support which are essential for emotional well-being and encourage independence. We also provide quality and affordable health care services to all clients.

In response to identified needs, we seek to provide a continuum of care, including a full range of preventive maintenance and restorative services to the ill, elderly, disabled and dependent individuals at the LOWEST COST while insuring medical and supportive care of the highest standards. As advocates of quality in healthcare services, we see a need to be above par with state approved care standards. This is our way of going the extra mile - for you, our clients.

All aspects of our services - from the care plan, the cost and most of all, our people, adhere to the level of quality standards set by Elderly Home Health Care management.

Elderly Home Health Care professionals are selected on the basis of character and expertise. Our Registered Nurse works with your Physician and family to implement a plan of care and ensure continuity of care with a focus on observation, safety and security.

We hope to be serving you at home soon. You can finally experience the type of care that is customized according to your needs and in the comforts of your own home. Thank you for choosing Elderly Home Health Care. Talk to us by calling (713) 956-8183 today.


Skilled in service...Driven by dedication - Elderly Home Health Care cares for you because this is our professional calling. We have endured training and sharpened our care techniques year after year. We want you to benefit from our expert care services because you truly deserve it from us.